Pro Wireless pod

World's best class Technology BUILT TO HANDLE INTENSE MUSIC

These Bluetooth Wireless EarPods will deliver High-quality music, whenever you want, and give you a feeling that is simply exhilarating. !!!You will not believe the price of these!!!

Bluetooth 5.0 Protocol

Ultra-Fast Bluetooth

Spatial Audio

Unparallel Audio experience

Low Power consumption

up to 3 hours of battery time

Binaural Communication

Use one or both at the same time

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Pro Wireless pod Features

Pro Wireless pod guarantee that you'll have the best and most reliable internet speed all over your home. There is no competition.

Easy set up:

Pro Wireless pod can be paired up with any device, weather Android or Apple with great ease. Just open the case. And take the EarPods out. The go to Bluetooth setting on your phone and connect to Pro 3

Touch Function:

Click once to Play/Pause. Click twice to increase or decrease the volume. Click 3 times to play the Next song. Long press for 1.5 Secs to wake up the Voice assistant. Answer a call by clicking once on the touch sensor. And do the same to hang

Works with any OS:

Pro Wireless pod can be paired up with any device, whether Android or Apple with great ease. Just go to the Bluetooth setting and Select Pro 3.

Small EarPods:

The compact and portable design which can help you jog or do exercise while enjoying music without having to worry about Earphone slipping out of your ear


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